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Rockin' Hall of Fame National Championship
Sandusky, OH • 3/7/2015
JAMfest Japan - Tokyo
Tokyo, JA • March 7-8, 2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series
Syracuse, NY • 3/7/2015
Northern JAM
Blackpool, ENG • March 8, 2015
Allegheny National Championship
California, PA • 3/14/2015
The Cheer & Dance Masters
Detroit, MI • 3/14/2015
The Spotlight by COA
Branson, MO • 3/14/2015
LIVE! Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN • 3/14-15/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Tulsa, OK • 3/14-15/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Long Beach, CA • 3/14-15/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series
Philadelphia, PA • 3/14/2015
The MASTERS Cheer & Dance Tournament
Augusta , GA • 3/15/2015
JAMfest Japan - Osaka
Osaka, JA • March 15, 2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Mobile, AL • 3/21-22/2015
Battle at the Capitol - School & Rec
National Harbor, MD • 3/21-22/2015
Battle at the Capitol - Small All-Star
National Harbor, MD • 3/21-22/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Louisville, KY • 3/21-22/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Hot Springs, AR • 3/21-22/2015
LIVE! Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA • 3/21/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series
Kissimmee, FL • 3/21/2015
Six Flags Georgia
Atlanta, GA • 3/28/2015
Mid America Nationals
Kansas City, MO • 3/28-29/2015
LIVE! Washington DC
Washington, D.C. • 3/28-29/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Las Vegas, NV • 3/28-29/2015
ULTIMATE International Championship
Orlando, FL • 4/3-4/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Sevierville, TN • 4/11-12/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Boston, MA • 4/11-12/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series
Pittsburgh, PA • 4/12/2015
The Michigan STATE Championship
Novi, MI • 4/18/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series
Richmond, VA • 4/18-19/2015
Up State Challenge
Rochester, NY • 4/18/15
Spring Fling at Kings Dominion
Doswell, VA • 4/25-26/2015
Six Flags Thrill JAM
Springfield, MA • 4/25-26/2015
JAMfest Europe
Liverpool, UNK • June 20-21, 2015
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JAM Brands Videos
America's Best  
Just Dance Highlight Video!
America's Best  
Get recognized for your dedication and passion in the sport!
LIVE! is the authentic red carpet experience!
JAMfest Dance Super Nationals  
This event is one of the largest in the country!
Battle At The Capitol  
Have you seen how AWESOME Battle at the Capitol is?!
JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals  
JAMfest Super Nationals is where we pull out ALL the stops to ensure that your experience is both stress-free and SUPER memorable!
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